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React JS is an open-source library that is lighter, faster, and more efficient to learn and implement. React technology was developed by Facebook (now Meta) under the supervision of Jordan Walke who says ReactJS has the potential to develop efficient apps in a short time. He wasn’t wrong, because we have seen millions of React Development examples since it came out in 2011. 

Implementation of React JS in projects helps in gaining early success as it can take care of most tasks single-handedly. Many developers are shifting to React platform given its popularity and ease of use. 

We have a long list of examples before us that includes, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Uber Eats, you name it. They all are using React JS platform and we can see where they stand right now. Do you want a similar kind or even better success of your product? If yes, then you need to follow this guide from top to bottom. 

According to a survey by Statista in 2022, React JS was the second most-used library with 42.62 percent of users worldwide. Numbers speak for its evidence of success. 

Difference B/W React JS and React Native Applications

FeaturesReact JSReact Native
PlatformWeb ApplicationMobile Application (iOS and Android)
User InterfaceVirtual ComponentNative Component
PerformanceFast rendering with the help of VIrtual DOMFast Native Rendering 
LearningHard to learn for BeginnersEasy to Learn for React Developers
Cross-Platform SupportAble to share features among react web and mobile appsAble to share features among android and iOS apps

React and React Native Comparison Table

The simple difference between these two is that one is a library (React JS) and the other is a framework (React Native). Each has its importance because not every task can be performed using one. Both of them have their qualities and attributes, we will discuss all of them in detail. So, you can have an exact idea of what to use and what to not. 

React and React Native Comparison
React and React Native Comparison

React JS

React Development can be tricky sometimes and takes time to learn especially for beginners. But, with sufficient coding knowledge, mastering the concepts takes a day or two. You can also use it for stability and leverage the diverse variety of development toolsets. React JS also can support SEO and different testing capacities such as data testing and quick debugging. 

React JS is used for making highly interactive web applications, that simplify users’ tasks. It provides a smooth experience that users get addicted to within no time. Since the application is light, the processing time is also quick. 

The main thing about React Development is its flexibility which directly has a positive impact on performance. The performance factor contributes to the main success of any application. The applications made in React JS always have the upper hand as they comply with the latest demands of the technology. 

React Native

On the other hand, when we take a look at React Native then we see that it supports cross-platform features. It was launched in 2015 and has been a top choice for mobile developers for almost a decade now. One code can be run on both Android and IOS platforms without having to change it. What more a coder would want, when they enjoy the luxury of working on both platforms simultaneously? The enhanced re-usability makes React Native the most desired platform for mobile app developers. 

With the advantages of third-party plugins and cost-efficiency, product owners and developers find React Native a thing of the future. 

10 Reasons to Choose React For Development

Component-Based Architecture

React Component Architecture
React Component Architecture

What makes React a wanted thing is its functionality of working with components. That means a programmer can make inner changes without affecting the overall performance of the code. This is the reason why it’s so easy to launch frequent updates like META and its affiliated companies do. A successful product requires to be fully updated according to the market demands. Because that’s how you can reach public popularity and your product can give you the best returns. 

In simple terms, there is no effect on the parent class if changes are done to the child class. Independent components can be played upon for proposed changes. 

The biggest advantage of components is they are independent and hold their separate values. Having its own identity means it will have its functionality and will have nothing to do with the overall code. Developers can leverage this biggest advantage and make updates when needed. 


Mobile Friendliness

React has changed the way technology works, and both IOS and Android platforms have made React almost a necessary thing. We have seen mobile technology emerge as a solution for all life problems. React has played a bigger role in making mobile applications such a demandable thing. Mobile users have experienced smoothness in usage, and are satisfied with the big turn-around of the technology. 

The interface that React offers is fully advanced and is attracting millions. The mobile industry is ever-growing due to the frequent changes in React.

So many mobile applications are now highly React-focused and benefitting the industry in maximum ways. One of the ways includes more users of a particular application due to its easy usage. 

Beneficial for SEO

React SEO Benefits
REACT SEO Benefits

React is highly supportive of SEO and provides a fully optimized platform for web browsers and sites. Due to its lightweight nature, it makes quick loading possible which is a plus factor for SEO. 

According to Google’s policies, a site should be fully loaded within a couple of seconds or it may lose traffic and as well as ranking. The inclusion of React is fully helping developers out there to counter this problem. 

React Applications usually works best for SEOs because they support by rendering only necessary components, thus reducing the amount of data transfer. This factor reduces load time and keeps users satisfied with their surfing experience. It highly contributes to good SEO and users like it this way. 

Virtual DOM Capability

The quality that React possesses is a browser-independent DOM System which enables it to have cross-browser compatibility. This DOM system allows easy changes in the document of the model which means doing partial changes in the code. 

DOM allows faster and more dynamic changes without having you write up everything. It’s just one of many beautiful features of JavaScript inherited by React. Programmers can use various concepts that make the code more usable and writable. Using a single component, the code can be changed and tested in multiple ways. That is why it is the number one choice for many developers. In other words, virtual DOM only updates the respective branch of the tree, which makes it fast. 

React Community Support

React has a very large community, so it means you can get a lot of guidance along the way.  There are also countless communities online such as Dev’s React Community, Stack Overflow, Reactiflux, etc. All these communities provide instant support to anyone looking to learn React or just needing help with the project. You can find all that you need within the community because there are thousands of developers active and waiting to connect with you. 

As a React developer, you are not alone as you have got support from around the world. With the presence of online communities, there is just no reason to stay behind and lose hope as there is always a way out. You will be amazed to know that approximately 180,000 React developers are members of online communities. So, there is no reason to stay back. 

Cross-Platform Support

React Development provides the advantage of using the same code on different platforms. This saves coders from the burden of re-writing the code for the same purposes. Cross-platform support also saves a massive amount of time and money, so companies are always in profit. 

 React JS is a highly intuitive language that helps in creating a user-friendly interface that fulfills the requirements. Developers enjoy its wide variety of options that make working with the language an entertaining thing. Maybe this is why the React community is increasing with each passing day. 

The biggest proof of its popularity is its ability to deliver more than expectations in the form of fast results. Oftentimes, developers find working with React a lot easier than other languages because it provides a variety of tools. The development tools presented to programmers comply with the needs of the present day. React Development is made intuitive with a combination of different factors. 

React Performance

Every library or framework is judged upon its performance, so in this regard, many factors come into play. From all of them, the performance factor tops the table, from which the real productivity of the application is decided. 

Performance means the overall behavior of the application and also of the user. If they both come under the green light then it’s a sign of big success. There are many methods to measure performance as well, but all those are marketing-related. The real success of the application lies in the satisfaction of the users. 

React JS surely has the potential to attract large amounts of audiences, and we are not just saying, the stats tell the whole story. 

Easy Learnability

Since React is a library of JavaScript, anyone who knows JavaScript can master React concepts in a day or two. Yes, learning React JS is that easy, and even people with knowledge of HTML can also learn. 

The wonders of the library don’t stop here as it also provides ground-level concepts that can be easily learned. Therefore, as programmers go about coding, their minds open up along the way. Developers get to learn new exciting things that React holds gradually as they proceed into the depths. As Javascript is a vast sea of programming and covers a large area of fundamental concepts. React can be thought of as a subsidiary of Javascript, and developers are busy making full use of this invention.

Training the team will be an easy and quick task as developers only need to master a few unique concepts. React is all about providing ease at every instant which is why it has become so popular. 

Integration with other Technologies

React is too flexible and can be easily integrated with other technologies such as Redux, Node JS, GaphQL, Jest, etc. React can easily blend with a number of technologies that can produce a new user experience. 

Every new user experience contains uniqueness to keep the attention of users. That’s why React always remains in demand because it holds something new each time it is integrated with another technology. 

It is important to give new experiences to users to keep their interest alive and also to retain customers. With the help of different technologies, the objective of enlarging user engagement can be increased. 

Fewer Bugs and Errors

Fewer Bugs and Errors
Fewer Bugs and Errors

When it comes to efficiency then React Development has no parallel as you can do an error-free development. The process is rather easy and quick because you need only make a change in the parent component. All the child components can inherit any properties from their class with the help of props without making any changes to the parent component. This one feature of React makes things super easy for developers.  

React is somewhat bug-free but still it is completely bug-free so you should take care of some points when starts writing react code.

  • Follow documentation religiously 
  • Learn from React Community
  • Leverage a Debugger tool

Applications made with React development offer a smooth interface, which is why it takes little time for them to be popular. 

If you need help with your front-end development, then we suggest not wasting any more of your time. Put all the things right into the action. 

Sum Up

Do you think React JS is tough to replace because of its flexibility? All the react advantages discussed here are almost ever-lasting. The frequent updates will make React an irreplaceable language. Until and unless any competitor tries to launch something different, but that seems an unlikely thing. At the moment, react will continue to back up big companies and small startups because it’s affordable and quality focused. 

Companies using react have understood the formula and are putting it to use pretty well. You have to create a list of everything that suits you and the ones that don’t. React Development is the sea that contains many hidden treasures, and you may need to dive in occasionally to explore them. 

Any agency looking to hire React developers can easily do so by going through the easy process on our website. You are always welcome to try different combinations of services and find the best one. React JS is the language of today and of tomorrow, therefore, you are advised to learn all complex tricks. All renowned companies are making full use of React JS, and it’s about time that you should too.


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