Why Start with a Prototype

Imagine your Potential Investors experiencing a clickable Prototype of your dream App while you are presenting them with your deck

Standout in a Crowd

Your potential Investor inbox is flooding with pitch decks. It’s a Clickable Prototype that will separate you from others.

Don’t go Broke

Clickable Prototype will cost you less than 10% of the actual Development Cost.

Validate your Idea

Test with early users and validate your idea. Pivot fast without going broke.

Raise Seed Funding

Create a huge impact on your potential investors by giving them a feeling of how your product will gonna look like


At Denovers, we have helped multiple clients in raising seed funding with a clickable prototype we delivered without writing a single line of code, yes you heard it right! without writing a single line of code

The client came up with a Tinder-style Job Matching idea. We took an idea from the head to complete product design and a clickable prototype. With our prototype, the Client was able to raise seed funds all without writing a single line of code.

"Denovers process of making an actual Clickable Prototype before Development helped us validating our idea, getting some user feedback and most importantly, we raised seed funding. ."


CEO | Hoorayy

On Average, our Client raises


for their Product Ideas after going through our Product Strategy Workshop and Prototyping exercise.