Why UX is crucial for Sales – Increase conversions with thoughtful & great UX

Muzammil Kesrani
Feb 09, 2021
Importance of UX in Sales

A lot of people don’t understand that UX is just not about moving pixels here and there. UX is directly connected to your business or to be more specific, sales.

But before diving deep into it, let’s first discuss what UX is

What is UX

What is UX Designing?

For understanding UX, we have to understand the word “usability”

As defined in ISO 9241-11, usability is:

The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specific goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use.

For me, UX Design is the continous process of developing and improvising the quality of interaction between a user & all facets of the company.

UX is just not about putting colors – It’s the cognitive science practice that focuses on the overall feel of the experience. It defines how an overall product affects on user’s senses. 

UX is considering the Why, What, and How of the product.

The main goal of the UX is to make information accessible and clearer, explain processes, and make it easier for users to accomplish a goal. And what goals are? May be the submission of a request, or signing up for a free trial, or purchasing a product? These are all directly related to bringing in more sales.

Importance of UX Design in Sales

Think of any major Tech Product you use in your daily life, isn’t their experience awesome and easy? Most people tend to lean towards simple and easy to use Products and this is the key.

Your product has to simplify the process of solving a problem you are targetting

There is a reason why FAANG companies like Amazon and Google Invest heavily in managing in-house UI/UX Design teams whereas mid-size startups work with UX Design companies like Denovers which serves as the long-term design partner for them.

In a nutshell, everyone has started realizing the importance of a properly thought out design and the impact it can have on users. 

You award your users with an intuitive and simple-to-use experience that solves their problems and in return, they will reward you with their trust and money. Two most important things you need to be successful. 

When Designing while keeping users in mind, businesses can see huge ROI. As per the Forrester study in a 2016 report titled “The Six Steps of Justifying Better UX”, they say that

every dollar spent on UX Design returns $100. 

Take the example of Walmart. After their design makeover in 2018, Walmart’s e-commerce sales grew 43 percent. The secret of their success was that they didn’t just invest in the UI but they focused more on the UX side of things. 

Another example, Airbnb gives credit to UX for taking them from a near to failure company to being valued at billions of dollars.

A properly thought out UX will reduce your customer support cost. The users will make their way into the product by themselves, hence you will get more conversions and happy customers.


Once gravity was discovered, it made sense that we were held onto Earth by a force that pulls all objects towards the ground. A good UX design is like gravity, it makes the entire world come together and brings people to your brand. 

UX is about the overall experience and feel of your Product. Users will perceive the first impression of your product as per the experience they have. If it’s Intuitive, then a signal will be transferred to their subconscious level that the company providing this product or service is also professional and good and it can solve their problem.

The experience, shortly summed up, will create the first impression and will be able to heavily influence the conversion and therefore, the sales KPIs.

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