May 03, 2023

Why UX is crucial for Sales – Increase conversions with thoughtful & great UX in 2023

Muzammil Kesrani

Are you facing difficulties in sales of your online business? What could be the possible reason for the low sales? Is it sales team not competent enough to handle potential customers or Is your product not up to the mark? 

Well, to know the reason behind the low sales, you have to know the possible culprits. So here are the following culprits;

1- Poor Branding 

2- Poorly Structured Application

3- Poor UX Design Implementation

So this guide will teach you how to increase brand awareness, sales, and brand loyalty through proven steps. 

Good UX can directly affect sales because it promotes usability that attracts people. It is actually the interest booster that has the power to drag people to use your product. 

Why is UX important in sales?

Why is UX Important in Sales?
Why is UX Important in Sales?

The importance of UX can be known from the fact that you could lose customers if they find a better product. Your competitor can be better by providing an easy user experience. In other words, it is all about showing care for users; whoever shows the most wins the race. That is why UX is crucial for sales. 

UX design is so important that it can boost conversions, increase customer loyalty and reduce customer acquisition costs drastically.

How Does UX Impact Sales?

How does UX Impacts sales
How does UX Impacts sales

UX impacts your sales by earning the customer’s trust. Once the trust is gained, It is very likely that your customers will recommend your product to their friends. That will ultimately result in more users, and definitely more sales, since you have expanded your customer base. 

It all comes down to accessibility and ease of use, as present-day customers like it simple. So, if you successfully achieve the simplicity goal then you are very likely to boost your sales. It tells why UX is crucial for sales because it’s actually the users who decide the fate of your product. 

In order to create a Sales-focused UX Design, You have to have the following things ready before crafting the UX Design.

1- Application/Market Fit Plan

2- Client-Focused USPs

3- Simple Conversion-Oriented Wireframes 

4- Brand Theme 

5- Empathy Mapping

Examples of Companies Using UX For Increased Sales


Airbnb UX design
Airbnb UX design

The best example we can take is Airbnb.  When it was first launched, it had several competitors and many companies were doing the same thing as them. They learned early why UX is crucial for sales and immediately started implementing different strategies. What made them overtake all was their sound strategy toward a good UX. This included adopting a slightly different and easier business model. One important thing was the feature to make an online payment and also to get to know the hosts with the use of social media. 

Only with the inclusion of a couple of new tactics, the results have been tremendous, and it became an industry leader.  


ESPN UX design
ESPN UX design

Similarly, we can have a look at ESPN which increased its sales by 35% after only redesigning its homepage. You see, just a simple change brought a bigger impact, and they enjoy the benefits of more revenue. 

By following the simple formula, they managed to attract users and keep them for long. That directly benefitted their sales of online goods such as sports merchandise and were successful in selling them. They made sure the strategies they take were in accordance with the user’s wishes. Their efforts resulted in a mind-blowing increase in sales.  


Amazon UX design
Amazon UX design

Amazon also discovered that by just a drop of 100ms in the loading time, the amount of traffic can be lost by 1%. So, it immediately optimized its page loading time to save that 1% audience to double its revenue. In fact, this strategy brought them countless other benefits as well. 

  • Customer-Retention
  • Repeat Business 
  • Data Gathering 

It has worked tremendously on its UI and remodeled the product classification which clarified the biggest confusion. Now, customers can easily search for their desired products and make a smooth purchase. Even the delivery times were also reduced through the Prime Membership Program.  


Uber UX Design
Uber UX Design

Uber has spent a great deal of money on bettering its UX design, and it resulted in massive sales. They have really made it accessible to a simple audience by making the interface super easy. Even a 10-12 year old kid can book a ride through Uber with almost no assistance. 

People prefer Uber because it has an understandable UI that allows any average mobile user to efficiently navigate. Secondly, it has affordable fare rates that ultimately make it the user’s first choice. All these factors contribute to increasing UX sales and Uber just did exactly that. 


Apple UX Design
Apple UX Design

Do you know the secret of how Apple was successful in increasing its sales?  They actually never pushed too hard to attain all the qualities we see in them today. All they did was to invest some time and money in only improving its UX designs and what they got was incredible. Their simplistic designs didn’t take long to become a trend which was later adopted by other companies. 

Apple products are highly regarded for their ability to personalize with individual needs. The upgraded user interface led to easy usage which promoted sales. The little changes they made were of extraordinary benefit. 

Six Steps For Justifying Better UX 

Six Steps for Justifying Better UX
Six Steps for Justifying Better UX

To justify a better UX, you should know why UX is important and how it can play the role to elevate your efforts to the next level.  We made a list of 6 steps that will surely help in determining why UX is crucial for sales.

1. Identifying the Problem

Knowing the background of the problem is super important if you are to solve it. To fully know about the problem, you first have to understand the users and their needs. For that, you need to perform extensive user research and study their behavior so that you know what’s missing. This way you can eliminate the chances of errors right from the beginning. 

  • Conducting User Research
  • Studying User Behavior
  • Analyzing User Feedback
2. Quantifying the Impact

After getting to know the problem well, now is the time to measure it on different scales. For example, how it is performing and the areas it needs to improve. You can do so simply by analyzing conversion rates, user retention rates, and customer satisfaction rates. By doing a deep analysis of the factors, you can find out the real deficiencies that are causing the problem. 

  • Conversion Rates
  • User Retention Rates
  • Customer Satisfaction
3. Conducting A Cost Benefit Analysis

By conducting a cost-benefit analysis you can calculate the total ROI of the company after improving the UX.  It will be easy to find out the total amount needed to make the necessary changes. 

It will also allow you to compare the benefits in both cases with and without a better user experience. The scenarios in which you will be able to compare can be when the costs are reduced or when the revenue is increased. Satisfaction of customers always comes at the top. 

  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Costs
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
4. Creating a UX Strategy

Now that you have a clear idea of how much cost you will be needing to improve the overall UX, it is time to create a definitive strategy. The strategy will allow you to point out the changes that need to be made in order for achieving maximum results. 

The strategy could include making up the whole plan of improving the overall usability of the products. You may also need to optimize the user journey by redesigning different aspects. 

  • Redesigning the User Interface
  • Improving Product Usability
  • Optimizing User Journey
5. Testing and Validating

When you are done with the big part, finally it’s time to test the different areas of the product to see how it performs. Does it actually improve the user experience or not? Doing so will clarify the ambiguities and you will be able to use the budget wisely.

Remember, testing should be done before the implementation part to save yourself from wasted efforts, or you will lose both budget and time. Testing will ultimately let you know where you stand. 

  •  User Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • A/B Testing
6. Communicating the Results

By now, your product is all ready and fully tested, now there is the need for you to let the stakeholders know about the astonishing results that you have got. This will show them you have put in real effort and that realistic results can help them in making a better decision. The final decision of launching the product into the market. 

  • Conducting Presentations
  • Submitting Reports

Thinking of Re-Strategizing Your UX Sales?

Re-strategize your UX Sales
Re-strategize your UX Sales

To move the UX sales up the bar, first, you got to understand the user approach then go on implementing the 6 steps mentioned above. It may be difficult to comprehend each detail but breaking down tasks one by one can help in looking into all the errors.

UX Audit is also a lengthy process and takes up much of the energy during the process. So, if you want to see amazing results then you got to start investing in UX audit to hit your sales goal in less time.

If you are someone who still wonders why UX then you need to keep reading about ux design trends until you are satisfied.

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