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Designing & Frontend Engineering of an on-demand Uber for Skilled Professionals

App Design

UX Strategy

User Flows

Frontend Development

React Native

Partnering up with a Startup to Design & Develop an on-demand Uber for Skilled Professionals


The Shared Economy model is on the boom, right now people are connected in a way they were never before. We are witnessing the real Disruption of this era in terms of Uber-style Apps.

The idea is to design & build an on-demand Platform where anyone can put requests, and, at the same time, can provide either free or paid services to the neighborhood community.


Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, User Research, Interaction, Visual Design.

The On-demand mobile app economy has over 22.4 million users spending $57.6 billion to get real-time services in a single year.

— AppCrisp

Problem Statement

When you have a small work or need some kind of favor, you have to find professionals. You have to go through an extensive process of hunting and posting on Craiglist even for tasks as simple as giving maths tuition to your kid.

But, at the same time, there are people in your neighborhood who can provide you with these services but you don’t about them. There is no discoveribility.


The goal of the project was to design and develop an intuitive solution where people in the neighborhood community can discover skilled professionals easily.

The idea was to create a Uber-style App where anyone can post requests and at the same time can explore and provide either paid or free services.

The Process – Mind-Mapping

We, the bunch of Product folks at Denovers, love the idea of converting and translating just thoughts in our client’s mind into a reality. After some discovery workshops with clients, we came to the following Mindmap.


At Denovers, we are always very excited & Pumped up when we start converting ideas in our Client’s head into a reality.

Taking the mind-map, we started drawing some sketches with pen and paper. As per the mind-map, we gave the bottom Nav bar with four tabs that is News, Properties, Post an Ad, Chat, and more.


Once we had a bunch of few iterations on board and paper, we decided to jump into XD to design Mid Fi Mockups.

Product Design

Designing the On-boarding Flow

Exploring Requests Map & List View

Post a Request Flow


Product Engineering (React Native & Firebase)

The next challenge was to pull it off in terms of Frontend Engineering. We used React Native with Firebase for pulling off the Apps Functionality together

React.js was used for developing the Admin Panel. The challenge was developing the Logic of the entire Agents Package Subscription Management.

Product UI/UX Design & Frontend Engineering is our Passion and we are just getting started