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Enterprise UX - Partnering up with an FMCG for AI Powered Digital Transformation


AI is the fourth Industrial Revolution and it will and is impacting almost every industry and the FMCG is not an exception.

We Partnered up with a top AI Company to Design an Enterprise UX for one of the top FMCG, taking their workflow from Excel to Digital.


Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, User Research, Interaction, Visual Design.

Machine learning allows us to build software solutions that exceed human understanding and shows us how AI can innervate every industry.

— Steve Jurvetson

(Board Member of SpaceX and Tesla)

Problem Statement

FMCG uses Excel to create promotions for their products as well as they visualise dashboards on Excel as well. The process is quite redundant and Category Managers have to repeat things every time a new promotion is created.


The goal of the project was to take the entire Promotion Creation & Sales Dashboard experience from Excel to online - empowering it with the AI to facilitate Category Managers.

The project was divided into two parts, first, part was related to Sales Dashboards & Demand Planner. The second part was related to Promotion Creation & Management.

Denover’s Role

Denovers was responsible for crafting the entire Enterprise UX of the product including mind mapping, wire-framing, Experience Architecting, User Interface Designing, AI UX, and Frontend Engineering of the entire Product.

Studying User Behavior

As we were dealing with Enterprise user’s this time, we have to make sure to study them thoroughly. We studied how they are doing all of this work in existing scenarios using Excel. Here are a few screenshots of how they were doing it.


Taking the mind-map, we started drawing some sketches with pen and paper. We divided the Application into two different parts, one for the sales dashboard and the other for the Promotional Activity.

We observed that client behaviour here is a bit different. They don’t like a lot of spaces and want to see a lot of information at one glance.


Once we had a bunch of few iterations on board and paper, we decided to jump into XD to design Mid Fi Mockups.

Product Design

Complex Data Dashboards

Crafting Experience For Financial Reports

Frontend Engineering in React.JS

The next challenge was to pull it off in terms of Frontend Engineering. We collaborated with Developers another firm that was responsible for building an AI Engine and writing backend APIs on top of it.

This Web App was Charts heavy so we used Re-charts extensively across the App.

Product UI/UX Design & Frontend Engineering is our Passion and we are just getting started