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From concept to launch and beyond that, Managing the entire Design Life Cycle of Job Matching App of Southeast Asia

App Design

UX Strategy

Web Design

Frontend Development


From Concept to Launch & Beyond, We Partnered up with a Startup to Design Job Matching App for Southeast Asia


Often Job searching is a hectic and time-consuming process with a lot of professionalism wrapped around it.

We Partner up with a team of forward-thinking professionals for making job search more Instant and Exciting, especially for millennials.


Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, User Research, Interaction, Visual Design.

70% of the Job Seekers are willing to apply for a job via smart phone, but more than quarter of the larger companies said that not the single part of their hiring process has been Mobile optimised

— Michael Oxley

(American Politician)

Problem Statement

Job searching these days is a very painful process that requires a lot of patience and hiring time is much high. Often with systems like this, companies looking for hiring instantly as well as the employers looking for some quick gigs suffer.


The goal was to design a Job Matching App, targeting Millennials of Southeast Asia. The idea was to make Job searching an overall more fun and engaging process while reducing hiring time from months to hours.

Denover’s Role

Denovers was responsible for strategising the Designing & Rapid Prototyping of the App, crafting the entire experience of the product including mind mapping, wire framing, Experience Architecting, User Interface Designing & Rapid Prototyping hence preparing the client for raising seed funding.

We Crafted the Entire Mobile App (Employees end) & SaaS App (Employers end)


At Denovers, we are always very excited & Pumped up when we start converting ideas in our Client’s head into a reality.

Taking the mind-map, we started drawing some sketches with pen and paper. As per the mind-map, we gave the bottom Nav bar with four tabs that is News, Properties, Post an Ad, Chat, and more.


Once we had a bunch of few iterations on board and paper, we decided to jump into XD to design Mid Fi Mockups.

Product Design

Swipe, Match & Chat

Instant Chat

Thousands of Jobs to Filter from

New Digital Resume

Designing The UX of SaaS App For Employers


Once we had a bunch of few iterations on board and paper, we decided to jump into XD to design Mid Fi Mockups for the App.

SaaS Design

Finally, we started giving birth to wireframes. We continuously tested this with our users to get some real feedback.

Product UI/UX Design & Frontend Engineering is our Passion and we are just getting started