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Designing & Frontend Engineering of Real Estate Agent only Advertising App.

App Design

UX Strategy


Frontend Development

React Native

Partnering Up With a Real Estate App Startup Designing & Developing their App from scratch


While we have a lot of Apps in B2C Real Estate space, there is a huge gap in market in empowering and connecting Real Estate Agents with the help of technology

The idea is to design and build a Real Estate Agent only advertising App where Agents can sell and expose properties privately to each other. They can also chat, read latest news in the industry - hence a complete eco system for Agents.


Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, User Research, Interaction, Visual Design.

Certainly the advent of technology and electronic commerce had an Immense Impact on the real estate Industry

— Michael Oxley (American Politician)

Problem Statement

Agents were already connected with each other on different WhatsApp groups. They were Advertising their properties to each other, conversing on different Industry news & trends, etc.

But this was not an Intuitive experience. Also, Agents were distributed in different local groups and were not looking at the bigger picture.


The goal of the project was to make a hangout community for Real Estate Agents where they will collaborate with each other, surf through the latest news in the industry as well as Advertise and List their Properties.

The idea was to take the local WhatsApp group experience and convert it into an International one, connecting Agents Internationally. The App will also serve International Industry news as well as property trends to help Agents in making better decisions.

The Process – Mind-Mapping

We, the bunch of Product folks at Denovers, love the idea of converting and translating just thoughts in our client’s mind into a reality. After some discovery workshops with clients, we came to the following Mindmap.


At Denovers, we are always very excited & Pumped up when we start converting ideas in our Client’s head into a reality.

Taking the mind-map, we started drawing some sketches with pen and paper. As per the mind-map, we gave the bottom Nav bar with four tabs that is News, Properties, Post an Ad, Chat, and more.


Once we had a bunch of few iterations on board and paper, we decided to jump into XD to design Mid Fi Mockups for the App.

Product Design

Designing the On-boarding Flow

Crating Experience for Ads Posting

Packages Screen For Agents

Product Engineering (React Native & Firebase)

The next challenge was to pull it off in terms of Product Engineering. We used React Native with Firebase for pulling off the Apps Functionality together

React.js was used for developing the Admin Panel. The challenge was developing the Logic of the entire Agents Package Subscription Management.

Product UI/UX Design & Frontend Engineering is our Passion and we are just getting started