Denovers Exhibited At Bett UK 2024

Aina Zafar
Aina Zafar



San Francisco and Pakistan’s leading UX/UI design agency, Denovers is thrilled to announce that it exhibited at Bett UK 2024. This recognition shows Denovers’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of user experience and interface design in the educational sector. We were honored to be a part of this Edtech summit as we got a chance to excessively contribute to it by introducing our innovative products and services that enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Bett is a global community for educational technology who are committed to revolutionizing the learning experience by integrating the latest technologies into it. Bett came into existence in 1985 and for 38 years they are committed to their mission. They are hosting conferences to transform the learning experience for teachers and learners through the power of technology. Bett strives to make every new event better than the last by bringing out emerging technologies to transform the educational sector.

This year they welcomed a huge class of 30,000 individuals from across the world which included Edtech product providers, education specialists, and game-changing governments and charities. It also included over 2,000 children and 300 world-class speakers in its Edtech exhibition.

For the first time, Bett created a Pakistan pavilion for tech companies to exhibit their innovative products and services for Edtech. Under the umbrella of the Pakistan Britain Business Council, a total of six companies from Pakistan were selected to exhibit at Bett UK including

  1. SeQuenX B.V.
  2. Denovers
  3. CodeLabs Inc.
  4. e.ocean
  5. Aapex Tech Ventures Ltd.
  6. Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)
  7. Learn360 LMS

Our Key Highlights At Bett:

Innovative Designs

We displayed our latest UX/UI design projects created especially for the education sector. We aim to enhance the overall user experience for educators, students, and administrators through our intuitive and engaging SaaS expertise.

Interactive Demonstrations

We also offered demos and consultations about our top-tier design services to give you firsthand experience. Denovers gave several ideas to smoothly integrate technology into the learning process.

Thought Leadership

We contributed to the BETT UK conference program by sharing insights and thought leadership on the role of UX/UI design in advancing EdTech. We participated in panel discussions and workshops to engage with the global EdTech community.


BETT UK serves as a great platform for networking with educators, decision-makers, and influencers in the EdTech space. Denovers built connections and collaborations that drive positive change in education through design.

In A Nutshell

Overall, the experience at Bett 2024 was beyond amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to not only exhibit our top-notch customizable UX design services but we also got a chance to meet and interact with several learned industry leaders. We believe that summits like these should be held more often so that technological advancements can be exchanged and implemented in different industries. Denovers is always looking forward to participating in conferences like Bett to integrate our top-tier technological services in various industries.

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